Dionne Custom Clear Aligner Tips and Tricks

Congratulations on beginning your journey to a more beautiful, healthier smile by choosing Dionne Custom Clear Aligner therapy!

The tips below should address any concerns or issues that may arise. If however you have questions, please give us a ring – we’d love to talk to you!

Here we go – follow these suggestions to get the most out of your aligner therapy:

  • To place an aligner into position, place it over the teeth and apply gentle pressure until it ‘snaps’ into place. NEVER bite an aligner into place – you may deform or destroy it.
  • Clean aligners with your tooth brush and cool / cold water, at least twice daily.
  • Wear aligners as prescribed, typically 22 hrs/day ( remove them for 20 minutes at a time, while eating , drinking, or brushing/flossing ).
  • Store aligners in the provided case(s). Keep them away from pets ( especially dogs ), and small children.
  • Normal intervals for changing aligners can vary from 7 to 10 to 14 days; please follow the change interval prescribed for you.
  • if you notice any issues with fit of aligners, or suspect there is a problem, please call our office for instructions.
  • You MAY experience slight pressure or discomfort while wearing a new set of aligners, for the first few days. This usually resolves uneventfully; if not, call our office.
  • You may use the provided polishing file to smooth any minor rough edges on aligners, should it prove necessary.
  • There is a number printed on every aligner, on the back teeth ( molars, typically). You may use the provided magnifier to help identify this number. IT IS CRITICAL that aligners be worn in the correct sequence eg 1->2->3->4 etc, NOT 1->3->5->2 etc! We suggest that you finish the wear period of one aligner, clean it, place it back in its numbered pouch THEN open and remove the NEXT aligner. This will help avoid confusion – the aligners all look the same!
  • You are provided with ‘aligner seating’ aids such as a ‘chewy’ or a ‘clenchy’. These are used the FIRST DAY OR TWO of wear of a NEW aligner. Simply move the ‘chewy’ around between your teeth with aligners in place; clench and hold for a 1-1000, 2-2000 count around the mouth for 5-10 minutes after meals and before bed. This is important to help fully seat the aligner, and derive the most out of the tooth movements we have engineered into the aligner for you.
  • A slight ‘lisp’ may arise when you are commencing aligner therapy. This will usually pass quickly, should it occur, as your lips and tongue get used to the feel of the aligner in your mouth.
  • Drink plenty of water; your mouth may become dry with aligners in place.
  • Brush and floss after every meal. Otherwise, you may entrap food debris under your aligners.
  • Please contact our office if you suspect any allergic or fit issues.
  • ALWAYS bring the CURRENT aligners you are wearing as well as the PREVIOUS set to all in-office appointments. We need to assess these to monitor your treatment progress.
  • Keep aligners away from heat, and brightly coloured liquids, as these may deform or discolor your aligners.
  • If you are out at a cafe, restaurant etc., DO NOT wrap up your aligner in a Kleenex, serviette, napkin etc, as you will be likely to throw them in the trash! Use the case provided.
  • Any changes to your teeth will destroy the precise fit of your custom clear aligners. This is why we ensure no new restorations are required at your primary care dentist BEFORE we manufacture your aligners. Before you undertake any restorative dental procedures DURING ALIGNER THERAPY, you must contact us so we can determine if A. it can be delayed until the end of your therapy, or B. we need to remanufacture your aligners. PLEASE, contact us BEFORE undertaking any treatment that will change the shape of any teeth, or have your primary care dentist call us.