Advanced Technology

  • Dr. Dionne was the first orthodontist in Canada to use an innovative, lower-cost invisible clear brace system and the Benefit Orthodontic Implant system which allows us to perform previously impossible orthodontic therapies.
  • Dr. Dionne has been a certified Invisalign provider since 1999. Dr. Dionne was the first local orthodontist trained and certified in the Wilckodontics system of surgically-accelerated orthodontics. Harmony and Incognito Lingual ( behind the teeth) high-tech custom braces, as well as the Propel System to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement.
  • Dionne Orthodontics was the first local office to have an on-site ultra-low radiation Carestream CS 9000 3D CBCT CAT scan machine, capable of producing incredibly detailed 3D images of patients’ areas of concern.
  • Dionne Orthodontics uses the most modern ‘self-ligating’ braces, Empower, for faster treatment, faster appointments, and better patient comfort.
  • Straighten your teeth discreetly with lingual brackets and behind the teeth braces.
  • Dionne Orthodontics offers in-house clear aligner fabrication and full laboratory services.
  • Our intraoral 3D scanner is completely digital – meaning no more messy, goopy impressions!
  • Discover the benefits of predictable tooth movement using a micro-implant.
  • Experience the Dionne Orthodontics difference with precision indirect bonding of braces.