Why Choose Us



  •  Dr. Dionne has 28 years of clinical experience as a dentist, 20 as a Certified Specialist in Orthodontics. Dr. Dionne’s years as a general dentist allow him to communicate with and help your family dentist.
  • Dr. Dionne, and his entire staff, are committed to relentless and ongoing continuing education. Science doesn’t stand still; neither do we! We were the first ( and still are the ONLY ) orthodontic office in Canada to have ALL employees pass the rigourous Trapezio Gold Certification Standard in Orthodontic training. http://www.trapezio.com/info/team-certified/
  •  Dr. Dionne is the Orthodontic mentor to the only 2 Spear Study Clubs in our area, which are devoted to helping a select number of highly trained local dentists advance their training for their patients’ benefit. http://www.speareducation.com
  •  Our office was the first (and ONLY ) orthodontic office to win the Windsor and Essex County Small Business of the Year Award – EVER! https://youtu.be/-YKSbM8kcrM


  •  Dionne Orthodontics offers to EVERYONE flexible, zero-interest payment plans. No bank involvement or bank loan is involved – ever!
  •  Our spacious office offers iPads, free WiFi, and a gourmet coffee bar for our adult patients and parents.
  •  Our ultra-modern facility is conveniently located right off of the Expressway, and has FREE PARKING – so you won’t be cursing as you fumble for change to leave the parking lot!
  •  Looking for awesome clear stain-proof CERAMIC COSMETIC BRACES? No worries, we have them, and there is NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  •  No separate fee for retainers and the retention phase, after braces are removed. All included in the comprehensive fee!
  •  We always seem to have a fun contest going on for the kids. We also have our innovative ‘Orthobuck’ points reward system for kids to encourage compliance with treatment and good hygiene.
  •  Dionne Orthodontics offers a great growth and development program for your children. Imagine, your growing children can have their dental and facial growth supervised by a Certified Specialist in Orthodontics, at no cost to the family! What could be better for the concerned parent? Call today!
  •  Dionne Orthodontics has a modern, fully equipped orthodontic laboratory manned by a full time laboratory technician. Most of the appliances we use are made RIGHT HERE! If repairs of broken / damaged devices are ever required, the presence of an on site technician means we can often save you a visit and do it in one visit. Our lab equipment is ultra-modern, including Windsor’s only plasma arc welder:  We also have 3 diode soft tissue lasers to serve you if needed.  http://www.denmat.com/NV_Microlaser http://www.orionwelders.com/products/orion-s-series/
  •  For the quality assurance geeks out there – Dionne Orthodontics has hired, worked with, and implemented QA programs designed by a J.D. Powers-trained Quality Assurance engineer. You speak Six Sigma and ISO? We get it!
  •  Dr. Dionne is bilingual – Ici, on parle francais! In our office, Italian, Maltese, Tagalog, plus a bit of German, are also spoken.